Gear4 StreetParty 4
If you fancy a portable iPod dock then how about one from Gear 4's new range of 'works with iPhone' certified units?

While we wouldn't dream of getting carried away, it seems the weather might slowly but surely be showing signs of improvement.

And with it comes the opportunity to enjoy some of your favourite technology outside the confines of your four walls. Where are we going with this? Portable iPod docks, that's where.

Gear 4 has a whole new range of works with iPhone speaker docks set for release, and the StreetParty 4 is the first to the, err, party.

It can be powered by mains power or four AA batteries, can be folded-up for nice and easy transportation and comes with a remote. Compatble with iPods and iPhones, there's a line-in connection for other devices, too.

The Gear 4 StreetParty 4 is available now for £50.

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