GAME REVIEW: Star Wars: Force Unleashed

Star Wars: Force Unleashed is the most action-packed Star Wars game ever to hit a home console, and it lets you get in touch with your dark side.

Jedis might get all the attention, but the real stars of the Star Wars universe have to be the Sith. Think about it: who’s more awesome, the goody-two-shoes farmboy, or the double-ended lightsaber wielding horror clown? Exactly.

Now you don’t get to play as Darth Maul here, but you do get to play as a brand new apprentice to Lord Vader, and abusing the Force to decimate wookies, rebels and Stormtroopers alike is the pinnacle of evil fun.

The graphics and physics are exceptional, so when you use Force Grip to throw and enemy through a space station’s window and out into the vortex of space, it looks as awesome as it sounds.

Chuck in a genuinely well-scripted and well-acted story, complete with beautiful cutscenes, and you’ve got the most impressive Star Wars experience since Knights of the Old Republic on the old Xbox. You can see our full review with plenty of in-game footage over at The Leisure Lab.