'Four hours watching TV' – Samsung reveals UK tech habits

According to the Korean tech giant, residents in the UK spend just under seven hours using our tech and domestic appliances outside of work; more than four hours of which is spent watching TV, DVDs or Blu-rays.

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In a sign of the times, however, mobile apps have ranked as the most popular "service" – 66 per cent of adults said they used mobile devices to use apps, especially gaming and entertainment.

And in another indication of shifting trends in how we consume media in the UK, the popularity of streaming and download TV services – such as Netflix – has continued to grow, as it is now used by 60 per cent of adults.

In terms of ownership, UK residents own an average of 19 tech devices in the home; one more compared with our European neighbours. TVs and mobiles are most common, with one-in-ten owning more than four TVs.

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And when it comes to how we spend time with our tech devices, a significant portion is watching TV, DVDs or Blu-rays – with two-and-a-half hours spent on personal computers. How do you spend your time at home?

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