Focal unveils Sphear in-ear headphones

Focal believes current in-ears have “generally failed to fulfil their promise” by becoming uncomfortable to wear after some time. Designed with this in mind, the company says its Sphear headphones will “redefine the approach towards the ear canal”.

Featuring memory foam tips and an extended housing, which claims to shift the weight of the headphones to the “inferior auricle", Focal says the Sphear will relieve the ear canal from “excessive” volume and weight.

Thanks to a rounded design, the Sphear benefits from 10.8mm drivers, which claim to deliver Focal’s signature sound, but with a “particularly rich mid-range.”

Bass has been increased slightly to help combat noisy environments, and Focal says the overall sound is “precise, clear and extremely faithful to the original music.”

The Focal Sphear in-ear headphones will be available from July for £100. They come supplied with three pairs of both silicone and memory foam tips, an aeroplane adapter and carrying case.

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