Focal XS Book Wireless
New £280 version of slimline powered speakers has Bluetooth apt-X, goes on sale in June alongside package deals of company's sub/sat speakers

Focal's having a busy time here at the High End Show in Munich: as well as announcing availability and prices for its Chorus 700 speakers, it's also launching a new version of its high-end Utopia Scala speaker, a Bluetooth XD Book Wireless desktop system, and a range of 2.1- and 5.1-channel packages based around its subwoofer and satellite ranges.

The new Focal XS Book Wireless, on sale in June at £280, adds apt-X Bluetooth wireless connectivity to the existing XS Book design.

The powered speaker system, based on the development work for the company's CMS40 professional nearfield monitor, uses an aluminium dome tweeter and a 10cm Polyglas woofer, to deliver a frequency range of 50Hz-22kHz, and is powered by a 2x20W amplifier.

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As well as Bluetooth, the speakers can accept a line input on a 3.5mm stereo jack: a cable is supplied for that purpose, along with a 1.5m RCA cable to connect the two speakers, plus a further 1.5, extension cable. The speakers will be available in gloss black or white, with a carry-bag available as an option.

Focal is also putting together a range of packages for stereo or surround sound, assembled from its Sib/Cub, Bird and Dôme ranges.

All the speakers have been designed to be interoperable, and Focal retailers will be offering a choice of packages to suit different rooms and applications, at prices ranging up to £1650 for the Sub Air subwoofer and five Dôme satellites.

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by Andrew Everard

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