Flare Audio has launched the "jewel in the crown" of its speaker range, Flare Zero, promising a no-compromise, "price on application", sound experience.

There's always room for hyperbole when it comes to high-end hi-fi, and Flare Audio has certainly packed plenty of serious claims into the launch of its new Flare Zero system. 

The British speaker company usually focuses on the pro audio market, with industrial-looking speakers like the S1 and Q15 that aim to be "sonically invisible". 

But now Flare Zero wants to bring its principles - and patent-pending technologies - to the home market, albeit at a price.

"Space enclosure construction technology, Vortex pressure abatement technology and Nanoflow driver alignment technology" are all involved, and in the case of the Flare Zero they make for a striking-looking system, with the 3D-printed Vortex "exhausts" particularly eye-catching.

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Standing at 1.8m tall, the Zero system uses aerospace-grade aluminium sourced from the company that makes parts for Rolls Royce.

The Flare One amplifier works with a speaker system featuring 1x 18in driver, 1x 10in driver, 1x 5in and 1x 1in. Flare Audio says the system is capable of pumping out 3.5 kilowatts (3,500W) of power, which makes it pretty hefty for a home installation.

Naturally, you won't find this in your local Richer Sounds, instead each system is personally delivered and installed, with the company happy to accommodate any space, from music venues to homes. And you'll need to give them some warning - each system apparently "takes an entire week to hand polish".

Further details on the system are thin on the ground and there's certainly no mention of price (if you have to ask, and all that). The company will only say that it's "strictly price on application".

But with Flare Audio claiming to "guarantee the best sound you'll hear, ever", you can presumably rely on your money being well spent...

You can find out more on the Flare Audio website.

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Genius hedline!


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For correcting

Infiniteloop's picture

What a pity it looks so awful

What a pity it looks so awful.

Great technology doesn't have to look so aesthetically challenged.

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Surely that should read "best sound you're very, very unlikely to hear, ever".

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Do you have more money than sense, step this way

Since when has "aerospace-grade aluminium" or 3500W ever been considered a reliable barometer for sound quality? Perhaps they should have thrown in "military-grade components", "UK tuned", or slapped a semi-celebrity designer signature on the front of them for good measure.

At least I now know it takes a whole week to polish a (very expensive) turd.

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The new Bowers & Wilkins 800 series can take up to a month to polish - so a week isn't anything special.