Exposure Electronics launches its very first turntable thanks to popular demand

Exposure 360 turntable
(Image credit: Exposure)

British hi-fi brand Exposure Electronics has unveiled a surprise new product: a turntable. 

The West Sussex-based audio company has a strong history of making hi-fi separates, including CD players, integrated amplifiers, phono preamps and power amps (such as in its most recent 3510 range), but this new turntable is actually a product born from its customers' requests. 

“This is more a case of ‘you asked, we listened’," says Exposure. "Our customers have, for a while, been asking us for an Exposure turntable that seamlessly complements our range of electronics.”

And so here it is, the Exposure 360 turntable. The new deck sports a belt-drive design with a minimalist aesthetic to match other Exposure products, coming in a single grey matt finish with a high gloss black edge trim. An eye-catching bright red mat is included to match the red LED display and indicators used on the brand's range of electronics. 

The Exposure 360 turntable is "crafted in collaboration with a leading British turntable manufacturer", and there are no prizes for guessing who this might be, based on the materials used and overall design. We do love seeing friendly collaborations between hi-fi brands, and it's always great to see brands take note of feedback and cater to customer needs.

Exposure 360 turntable

(Image credit: Exposure)

In terms of the Exposure 360 turntable's design, the plinth is a lightweight but rigid structure, constructed of a polyurethane foam core sandwiched between two thin but stiff laminate layers. The dual-layer glass platter and the aluminium bearing are both designed to deliver accurate speed stability, while the integrated tonearm is made using "intelligent redistribution of mass to ensure fewer points of possible resonance". The tonearm is mounted to the bearing housing to ensure high rigidity and accuracy, and the bearing itself features "an ultra-low friction brass hub" that is further anchored to the plinth with an aluminium collar.

There is also a dedicated, separate power supply unit included with the 360 turntable, which ensures no unwanted noise hinders the turntable's replay and that low-level signals are protected from outside interference. You can electronically select the speed – 33.3 or 45 RPM – on this power supply unit.

There's no cartridge included with the Exposure 360 turntable, but the British brand says it is suitable for use with moving magnet or moving coil options – you can check out our guide to the best cartridges for inspiration.

The Exposure 360 turntable is rather competitively priced at £1300 (excluding any cartridge) and is available to buy now. 


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