EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: LG 42LG6000 Scarlet LCD TV – the red set on test!

There's been a huge amount of interest on our Forums about the new 'Scarlet' range of flatscreen TVs from LG, and we've just had the 42in version in for test for publication in the next issue of the Ultimate Guide to Television, on sale June 5.

Given that many of you are so keen to know how this set performs, we decided to be good to you and bring you the full review online before its publication in print.

So to find out if LG 42LG6000 is as good as it looks, read on...

LG 42LG6000


4 stars


Designer looks; excellent connectivity options; creates a super depth of field


Images lack crispness and solidity; struggles with movement during fast action scenes


The 42LG6000 delivers a huge dollop of style topped off with a fine sprinkling of substance

Call us strange, but the rear of a TV doesn't usually get our juices flowing. But this isn't the case with the 42LG6000.

Taken from LG's new Scarlet range of LCD TVs, the rear of this 42-incher is covered in a glossy, stylish deep red finish. Even the way the inputs are arranged in a neat cluster looks exquisite.

It's a Full HD, 1080/24fps set equipped with a major arsenal of inputs that include a set of component video inputs, VGA, USB and four HDMI inputs.

Other clever technological highlights include LG's Intelligent Eye system that adjusts the backlight to suit the light levels in your room. LG claims this can reduce energy consumption by up to 60 per cent.

The front of the TV is gloss black and the frame extends below the actual screen to hide speakers tuned by hi-fi specialist Mr Mark Levinson. In the middle of the bottom panel there's a small aperture, whose ring glows scarlet when in standby mode.

The LG gives you ample opportunity to tinker with the picture – there are numerous different picture modes to choose from and customise. Once we'd done that, and hooked up our Pioneer BDP-LX70 Blu-ray player, we popped in the Blu-ray disc of Blood Diamond. The result? The LG serves up a vibrant, punchy on-screen image.

The green, luscious African backdrop is beautifully presented. The set generates an impressive depth of field, especially during the wider, landscape shots. Allowing the LG's internal scaler to handle standard definition sources yields good results too, but we'd like a touch more fine detail and solidity to the overall image.

Despite being a 100Hz design, the set also struggles to handle rapid movement. Off-air performance through the digital tuner is passable, but images do err on the soft side.

It's good to find that sound quality of the specially tuned speakers is well above average. They emit a clear, dynamic sound.

There's no doubt that the LG is stylish, desirable, and it doesn't cost the earth. But, the picture quality on offer isn't quite up to the standard of the class leaders at this size.


Type LCD

Aspect Ratio 16:9

HD Ready Yes

Full HD Yes

Screen size (in) 42

Resolution 1920 x 1080

Accepts 1080p Yes

24fps Yes

HDMI 1.3a 4

Integrated analogue tuner Yes

Integrated digital tuner Yes

HDMI in 4

DVI in 0

PC in 1

Component in 1

RGB Scart in 1

Scart in 1

S-Video in 0

Composite in 1

USB in 1

Memory card in 0

Phono audio in 2

Phono audio out 0

Digital audio out 1

Dimensions (hwd, cm) 80 x 104 x 38

Weight (kg) 24

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