Dolby On app promises to improve audio recording on your phone

Dolby On app promises improved audio recording on your phone
(Image credit: Dolby)

More and more, phones are being used to capture video and audio in content creation. But getting high-quality results straight from a phone’s recording isn’t always easy – and that's where the free Dolby On tool comes in.

The Dolby On app – now available for Android and iOS devices, downloadable from the Play Store and App Store – is designed to record or livestream audio and video in a higher quality than what a phone's native camera app is capable of.

Sadly we aren't talking any Dolby Atmos wizardry here but rather a method to enhance and clean up recordings – which should be of some value to anyone looking to create quality content for free. 

It does this by automatically reducing background noise, optimising volume, widening the stereo effect, and applying (an adjustable) EQ. There’s also the option to customise sound with six preset styles. Users can toggle the Dolby button on/off to hear the difference these automatic adjustments make, too. You can hear a demo here.

From today, the iOS version is integrated with Twitch to allow users to livestream to the platform.


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