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Damson unveils Jet wireless stereo speakers

New from Damson are these Jet Bluetooth wireless stereo speakers, available in multiple colours for £150.

They're sold exclusively as a stereo pair and, using A2DP Bluetooth, music can be streamed to the left-hand speaker which retains the left-channel sound and then passes the right channel information to the right-hand speaker.

Each speaker is a 7.5cm tall cylinder with a diameter of 5.8cm, containing a traditional driver optimised for audio above 200Hz and a resonating foot that deploys 'Incisor Diffusion Technology' to reproduce the bass.

Users can adjust the Jet's bass response by placing it on different surfaces, such as a table, shelf or desk.

The Damson Jet is also NFC (Near Field Communication) compatible, and includes a 3.5mm jack. It's available in red, blue, silver/black and all black.

Charging of the Lithium Ion battery is via Micro USB, and Damson claims playback of up to nine hours using a wired or wireless connection.

By Andy Clough

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