There's still a huge amount of consumer confusion over high-definition TV, with many people believing owning an HD-ready TV automatically gives them HD programming

According to the latest research from LG, 80 per cent of people in Britain are confused over TV terminology such as HD-ready and Full HD, and 25 per cent still do not know what high definition is.

Many still think that owning a TV with an HD-ready logo instantly makes all programmes high definition. The research highlights that consumers are suffering from information overload and struggling to keep up with the latest technology and jargon.

A recent Ofcom report also points to added consumer confusion as a result of incorrect information from retailers. One of the common misconceptions is that HD TV is currently available on Freeview.

George Mead, marketing manager for LG Electronics digital display, says: "The HD industry is booming, and with new products being launched more regularly and content becoming widely available, consumer choice has never been greater. 

"It's key for us to translate this growth into relevant and tangible consumer experiences and the only way this will succeed is through education and by keeping the technical jargon simple and clear."

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Other key findings of the LG study are:

* Yorkshire and Humberside have the lowest understanding of what HD is with 30 per cent of people surveyed believing that owning a TV with an HD Ready logo or a digital box would automatically make all content high definition

* Wales has the highest understanding of HD with 90 per cent knowing how HD content is produced and viewed

* East Anglia has the highest HD adoption rate with 50 per cent of people now owning an HD TV and Scotland has the lowest adoption rate with 73 per cent of people still not owning an HD TV

* After buying an HD TV, over 30 per cent of Londoners thought the reduction in picture quality was due to lighting conditions in the room rather than the lack of HD content running on the screen

* 50 per cent of respondents in Yorkshire and Humberside thought that retailers used specially tuned high definition TVs to provide product demonstrations as the content quality wasn't as good when they got it home - when in fact they were not watching HD content

* 60 per cent of people in Northern Ireland prefer to watch movies in HD

* 25 per cent of passionate Scottish fans watch sports the most in HD