The German manufacturer claims its latest record cleaning machine its its “best solution yet” to keeping records in pristine condition.

Vinyl is seeing a huge resurgence at the moment, with many claiming it delivers a superior sound quality to digital files and even CDs. The downside, of course, is keeping away dust and dirt, which causes interference and degrades the quality of the sound. Fortunately, Clearaudio has come up with what it says is the best solution to keeping your discs in tip top shape.

The Double Matrix expands on the company’s previous Matrix cleaners, it retains the double-sided vacuum cleaner, which cleans both sides of the record at the same time, but adds a new sonic component. Clearaudio says the new part uses sonic vibrations to loosen dirt from the grooves in a record, making it easier for the vacuum to suck up the undesirable detritus. 

The Double Matrix can clean LPs, EPs and singles and saves you the work of changing or adjusting brushes as they automatically adjust to different diameters and thicknesses.

The Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional Sonic record cleaning machine is available now for £3250.

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You could purchase an excellent high-end (if not super high-end) turntable/arm/cartridge combo for the 3250 Pounds that this record 'cleaner' costs! Lovely bit of design though and if I could afford it, I'd get it!