CES NEWS: Sony to make Blu-rays portable

Reports are emerging from CES that Sony is demonstrating technology that allows PS3 owners to make portable copies of their Blu-ray discs. These would then be transferrable to a PSP or other portable device using a Memory Stick.

Our contacts at Sony weren't able to give us much in the way of details at time of writing, but were able to confirm that this feature is indeed in existence and is likely to be built into certain Blu-ray discs themselves, rather than being a universal option built into the PS3.

No titles are confirmed as yet, but clearly Sony Pictures will be the studio to get the ball rolling, which could mean new movies such as Spiderman 3, We Own The Night and 30 Days of Night get this functionality first.

We should be getting specifics on this great news for PS3 and PSP owners in the next day or so, so check back for updates.