CES 2017: Jam Audio announces yet more Alexa-powered wireless speakers

It seems like Alexa - Amazon's AI assistant that's found a home in the Echo wireless speaker - is becoming the talk of the town at CES in Las Vegas. Jam Audio is the latest brand to announce a range of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speakers with the Alexa voice assistant built in.

The speakers come in a range of shapes and sizes; there's the Session (pictured, above right), which is waterproof, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible, and costs $250 (approximately £200).

It's joined by the Note (pictured, above left), a smaller speaker, priced at $120 (approximately £98). Both of these will be shipping in Spring 2017.

In the middle is the Bluetooth-connected Jam Transit 2.0, which stands out for not having a robot assistant built into it. We're guessing from the name that it's portable, too.

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The Jam Voice

The Jam Voice

The Session and the Note follow the older Jam Voice speaker, which at $60 (approximately £50) costs as much as Amazon's own Echo Dot.

While we'd hazard the sound quality, as with Amazon's own Echo, might not be as good as more specialist wireless speakers on the market, it's clear that voice assistants are the latest trend for Wi-Fi speakers.

Amazon's voice assitant is also coming to 4K smart televisions, Harman Kardon speakers, Denon multi-room products, as well as another Amazon speaker that will probably be connected to a tablet. Alexa is going to be busy...

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