CES 2015: Monster launches SuperStar waterproof speaker, iSport headphones, 4K HDMI cables

Monster brought a bevy of celebrities to CES 2015, enlisting basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal, Paralympic athlete Blake Leeper and 'Entertainment Ambassador' Nick Cannon to show off a number of new products at its press conference.

While there were repeat mentions for Monster's DNA Pro 2.0 headphones and the SoundStage wireless system, there were new headphone ranges in the form of iSport Super Slim, and Adidas Performance; HDMI cables; and a waterproof wireless speaker.

Shaquille O'Neal may not need the money to throw his considerable weight behind the SuperStar Backfloat waterproof wireless speaker but he did an impressive job of enjoying himself doing so, announcing the speaker by dunking it in a bath tub and leaping around the stage.

Set to cost around £150, there was no denying its waterproof credentials.

Brand is everything for Monster and fresh tie-ins with Adidas and UFC will keep their cans on lots of influential ears, in the US at least, while the new iSport Super Slim in-ears claim to stay in your ears no matter how rigorous your exercise.

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Monster made its name churning out analogue and later digital cables, with solid pedigree in the pro audio market, and there are new HDMI cables to take advantage of the impending 4K UHD revolution.

Monster Premium Black Platinum HDMI cables sport LED indicators to show whether you're receiving 4K, HD or SD content, and naturally are bullish at there competency when it comes to carrying HD audio and video.

Also new are the Monster Power products - plug units that also deliver mains conditioning and now USB charging and even integrated Powerline home networking.

We also spoke to Vern Smith, director of product development at Monster on our CES news stage, where he spoke more about Monster's plans and new products for 2015.

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