Soundmatters foxLo sub
Miniature sub can be paired with desktop speakers to provide full-range portable audio system -

Now here's something we'll be seeking out at CES 2012 in Las Vegas next week – a palm-sized subwoofer designed by former NASA engineer and audio specialist Dr Godehard Guenther.

He's the man behind US company Soundmatters, renowned for its diminutively sized foxLv2 speaker range.

The mini foxLo subwoofer is designed for use on your desktop or with portable devices such as an iPad, iPhone or MP3 player, and can be paired with Soundmatters' pocket-sized Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth foxLv2 speakers.

It uses patented Linear Magnetic Drive woofer technology with a proprietary passive radiator system and 25W amplification.

You can connect the foxLo to the subwoofer output on the foxLv2 speakers, or if you're using other types of speaker you can connect the sub directly to your laptop or portable player, using its full pass-through 3.5mm output to hook up to the speakers.

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"Coupling the foxL speakers with the foxLO sub creates a remarkable full-range system for any travelling audio lover," says Lee Adams, vice-president of Soundmatters.

The foxLo also has a USB port for charging mobile devices, an audio input with variable bass level and includes a power supply adapter.

It will make its world debut at CES 2012 in  Las Vegas from January 10th and will be available in the US this spring for $149.

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