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CES 2012: Fujitsu launches waterproof Arrows tablet and smartphone

Fujitsu Arrows

Fujitsu is making a splash at CES in Las Vegas by demonstrating its new waterproof Arrows tablet and smartphone.

The company also claims at just 6.7mm thick, the Android phone is the world's slimmest.

A 4in AMOLED screen, Gorilla glass and a 5MP camera are some of the specs released on the Fujitsu Arrows smartphone.

It wil be joined by the Arrows tablet, which is set to come to Europe after being released in Japan at the end of 2011.

The two products were being shown off at CES Unveiled where they were being furiously dunked in and out of a bowl of water to demonstrate their watertight construction.

More details on release dates and prices as and when we get them.

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