LG LH5000
LG is to manufacture Freesat TVs for the UK market, joining Panasonic as the second major TV manufacturer to support the HD satellite TV service

Freesat high-definition satellite TV has got off to a slow start in the UK, not helped by the relative lack of hardware.

But now LG has confirmed it will start producing integrated Freesat TVs for sale in the UK, with other Freesat products (presumably set-top boxes) to follow.

Emma Scott, Freesat's MD, says: "We're extremely pleased to be working with LG as a manufacturing partner for Freesat in 2009."

The first model will be the LG LF7700 LCD, due to be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas this week. A plasma version is due later in 2009.

And in a separate development, LG has also announced it will market several LCD and plasma TVs with the built-in ability to stream Netflix online movies without the need for an external device.

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The LG "Broadband HDTVs" will have access to a growing library of movies, TV episodes and high-definition content streamed from Netflix.

LG says the Netfix-enabled sets will be available this spring, and will be joined by eight Blu-ray players and home cinema systems with Netflix streaming planned for 2009.


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