Monster Turbine
Monster Cables is expanding its range of Dr Dre headphones, developing wireless, Full HD HDMI streaming and hooking up with HP to launch a range of dual-branded PC cables

You may already have read about Monster Music teaming up with rap star Ludacris to release his latest album Theater of the Mind as a High Definition Surround Superdisc, and now we can bring you more news from Monster Cable here in Vegas.

At its press conference this morning, Monster continued the musical theme by unveiling a new set of in-ear headphones under its Beats by Dr Dre brand, called the Turbine.

"There's nothing like this, they sound like a big speaker with built-in subwoofer," says the head of Monster Noel Lee. The Turbine in-ear 'phones will sell for $150 in the US.

Lee was in ebullient mood as he unveiled a string of new products at CES, including:

* A wireless HDMI transmission system for high-definition TV, due for launch this April. Its Wireless Digital Express HD system consists of a transmitter (the DX WHD TX1) and the DX WHD RX1 receiver.

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The system allows users to stream Full HD 1080p content between their HDTVs, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes without wires, using a home's existing mains electrical network.

* The Digital Life range of USB and Ethernet computer cables.

* Monster Green Power mains blocks which automatically power down all your components when you switch off your PC or home cinema system.

* A deal with Hewlett Packard to launch a range of dual-branded Monster/HP computer cables.

* The planned launch in April/May of a Monster mains filter system with built-in internet TV capability, the iTV Power Center, in partnership with Digeo.

* A new high-speed HDMI cable, the Hyperspeed M2000, which is capable of transmission speeds of up to 21Gbps over distances up to 30ft.

* An entry-level HDMI cable, the Basic, for just $39.