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CEDIA NEWS: Lexicon launches trio of AV amps/processors

Lexicon, best-known for its high-end AV products, is targetting what it considers the more 'affordable' end of the market with a new AV receiver, processor and power amp.

Lexicon RV5 receiver

The RV5 is a 7.1 channel receiver with built-in FM/AM tuner, USB connectivity, twin HDMI inputs, the latest version of Lexicon's own Logic 7 decoding and video scaling to 720p and 1080i.

Lexicon says it's also the company's first product to incorporate Faroudja video processing. It's all yours for $3999.

Next up is the $2999 MV-5 processor, capable of supporting up to two zones and designed to act as the control centre for a home cinema system. Like the RV5, it has twin HDMI inputs, USB connectivity for hooking it up to a PC, and an optional iPod dock.

Lexicon MV5 processor

Additional features include Faroudja's DCDi video processing, designed to smooth out the jagged edges caused when video is de-interlaced.

And finally there's the RX-7 7.1 power amp, delivering 200w into 8ohms. It's intended for use wuth Lexicon's range of MC series digital controllers.

The RX-7 has two large toroidal transformers to ensure rock-solid bass performance, and balanced audio inputs via RCA or XLR connectors. It costs $5999.

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