CEDIA EXPO 2011: SoundCast OutCast 3.4 streams outside

Californian company, SoundCast has added multi-source and multiroom capabiltiies to its versatile OutCast speaker system, which can be used indoors or outdoors (you can read our review of the original here).

Version 3.4 allows you to stream up to three different music sources to four different locations in your home/garden - with a dynamic broadcast range of up to 300ft.

The beefy-sounding OutCast - there's a big 'ole subwoofer in that beige body - can run on its rechargeable battery for 10-20 hours, depending on how loud you're playing it.

It can hook up to both analogue and digital sources, with its matching iCast dock adding easy integration for iPods/iPhones.

It's controlled via a backlit touchpad on the top of the unit.

The SoundCast OutCast 3.4 is available now, priced $1099.

A 'Junior' version to suit smaller rooms/volumes is also available, priced $799.

The products have previously been avaiable in the UK, so we'll try and track down pricing and availability information as soon as possible.

Now all we need is the kind of weather that makes an outdoor speaker seem particularly tempting. Did we mention that SoundCast comes from California? With pictures like the one below, they seem determined to remind us...