CEATEC 2008: Just stand over there, lean up against the wall and look nonchalant - everyone'll notice you

The guy on the left is searching for visible means of support, but finding none - this is Toshiba's prototype Regza Wall TV, designed to be used free-standing, without either stand or wall-bracket.

With its over-square upright shape it's not going to suit every room, and that reflective surface could prove distracting, but it gives you an idea of how companies here at CEATEC are thinking of new ways of differentiating their products amidst a sea of flatscreens.

Alongside the familiar Japanese names, there are some unfamiliar ones, too, as more companies move into the TV business. The Chinese, for example, have some appealling-looking displays here - although the Korean giants, LG and Samsung, aren't exhibiting.

As a result, the major Japanese companies are going for the technology high ground to set their TVs apart, as well as coming up with innovative designs such as Toshiba's.

Meanwhile if you just can't get enough of your media, here's Toshiba's Cell TV, powered by the same image processor you'll find at the heart of the PlayStation3.

48 channels on a single screen enough for you?

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