C Seed 262 is the world's largest 4K TV

Russian oligarchs, lottery winners and people with more money than sense, listen up. Here is the world's biggest 4K TV.

The C Seed 262 spans a prodigious 262in diagonally - that's 6.65m, or the size of about three and a half six-feet-tall people.

That's pretty big.

The Austrian company's set uses LED technology, with 800 nits of brightness to make the picture nice and clear even if the sun is shining on the screen. (Because with a TV like this, you wouldn't leave the house no matter how sunny it was.)

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It comes with its own built-in 4K media server and six integrated speakers. There's also a motorised fabric cover to conceal the screen at the touch of a button, maybe in case someone easily startled comes round.

Good luck getting it into your lounge, though - it weighs 800kg.

It's available now, though there's no word on a price. We're guessing it doesn't come cheap.

You can find out more information here.

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