B&W Panorama soundbar on sale now for £1500

B&W claims the Panorama "will do for your flatscreen TV what the iconic Zeppelin did for your iPod – enhance its sound quality beyond what you imagined possible".

That's quite some claim, and one we'll have to test out as soon as we get our review sample.

Using a combination of multiple drive units and DSP (Digital Signal Processing), the Panorama is designed to provide users with "an immersive surround performance from a single speaker", says B&W.

Of the nine drive units housed within the Panorama's aluminium casework, five are used as the active centre speaker: two bass woofers, two midrange drivers and and an aluminium dome tweeter featuring B&W Nautilus Tube Loaded technology.

The other four drive units provide the rest of the sound, and all are driven by six Class D amplifiers, providing a combined power output of 175 watts.

More details in our B&W Panorama blog.