Braven Six Series Bluetooth speakers boost battery life

The new Braven Six Series is a range of go-anywhere wireless Bluetooth speakers that play music, can charge any smartphone and double as a speakerphone.

There are three models in the range:

• Braven 600 (£130), available in red or dark grey, with up to 12 hours playtime.

• Braven 625s (£150), available in black/grey or green/grey (an online exclusive), 16 hours playtime, comes with with a shock-resistant 'sports design', waterproof bag and USB LED torch (below).

• Braven 650 (£160), in a luxury aircraft-grade, silver aluminium finish, up to 20 hours playback, and supports aptX Bluetooth.

All include an integrated duplex microphone so they can be used as a speakerphone when making Skype or Factime calls.

Braven speakers can pair wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device, and you can daisy-chain two or more Braven speakers together for a more powerful sound.

If the battery on your mobile or tablet runs low, you can connect it to the Braven's standard USB socket and recharge the device while still playing music.

"These speakers are built for big audio in an attractive, portable package," says Braven CEO Warren Osborn. "They can fit on an office desk or a family's picnic table, in a handbag or a traveller's backpack."

The Braven Six Series is distributed exclusively in the UK and Europe by Computers Unlimited. The speakers are available now direct from Braven.Eu, and via leading retailers including Amazon, Selfridges and The Conran Shop.

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Andy Clough

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