dune and warp streaming preamps now Roon Ready (with free subscription) warp
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Germany-based high-end audio brand has announced that its dune and warp streaming preamplifiers have been given the Roon Ready stamp of approval.

The fully balanced dual-mono preamps, which boast UPnP media players, native DSD compatibility, 256-step pure analog volume controls, and recorders with USB DAC features, are now fully integrated into the Roon platform. With every pre-order of a dune or warp, is offering a one-year's license to the software, plus a year's free subscription to Qobuz Studio Premier or Tidal HiFi. warp

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The dune and warp (the latter of which uses's proprietary control system) both use Class A preamplification in dual mono configurations. Their USB, HDMI and coaxial inputs are driven by the SABRE ES9038PRO DAC chips (32 for each channel) and complemented by analogue RCA and XLR connections. An optional phono stage can be purchased, too. claims to have used "the absolute best components and topology, independent for every stage" for their power supplies, while promising that their pure analog volume control maintains dynamic range regardless of the listening volume. They can record from from analog or digital sources in up to 24-bit/192kHz quality, too.

Meanwhile, their enclosures are machined out of a solid block of aviation-grade aluminium, with care having been taken around the shielding and cooling of the unit. An optical, anti-reflection-coated glass panel with an AMOLED display sits front and centre, too.

The dune and warp can be pre-ordered now for €16,000 and €16,500 respectively and come with a five-year warranty.


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