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Samsung Black Friday TV deal: get a 2021 Neo QLED TV for less than £1000

Samsung QE55QN90A
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung caused quite the stir when it launched its Neo QLED TVs earlier this year. Featuring backlights that use thousands of Mini LEDs that are roughly the size of grains of sand, these Neo QLEDs are capable of closer control of contrast than any other backlit TVs and have the sort of brightness that would embarrass even the best OLED.

Best of all, these Neo QLEDs have had some big Black Friday discounts, and you can now pick up the step-down QN90A for under £1000. Arguably best of all, these discounts include the 43-inch model, which is essentially the most advanced and most premium 43-inch TV that Samsung has ever produced.

That model, the QE43QN90A, can be yours for £949. Still a lot to pay for a 43-inch TV but that's because there's nothing else quite like it on the market (remember that OLEDs don't yet go smaller than 48 inches). If you've got more room, the 55-inch model (QE55QN90A) is much better value, at a Black Friday price of just £1099.

Samsung QE43QN90A 43-inch Neo QLED TV:  £1299

Samsung QE43QN90A 43-inch Neo QLED TV: £1299 £949 at Currys (save £350)
This is the most advanced 43-inch TV that Samsung has ever produced, and the only Mini LED TV of this size that we're aware of. We haven't tested it but you can expect a very bright and vibrant picture, plus an HDMI 2.1 socket with support for all next-gen gaming features.

Samsung QE55QN90A 55-inch Neo QLED TV:  £1999

Samsung QE55QN90A 55-inch Neo QLED TV: £1999 £1099 at Amazon (save £900)
If you've got the space, this bigger version of the QN90A is significantly better value and looks like cracking value for money, offering near-flagship performance and specs for just over a grand.

The QN90A is essentially Samsung's step-down 4K TV for 2021. Above it are the QN95A and QN94A, but these differ from one another purely in terms of the One Connect box, which the former has but the latter does not.

Compared to those flagship models, the QN90A takes a slight hit in terms of peak brightness and does without the company's Ultra Wide Viewing Angle tech, but we still expect it to go very bright (likely to the 1500-nit region) and have solid viewing angles by the standards of backlit TVs.

Around the back you'll find four HDMI sockets, one of which is 2.1-certified. The set should be superb for gaming, thanks to super-low input lag and the full complement of next-gen specs, including 4K@120, VRR and ALLM. There's an HGiG mode for improved HDR gaming, too.

Samsung's operating system is second to none both in terms of usability and app selection – if there's a service worth accessing, this TV has it built-in.

Ultimately, while we can't say for sure that these TVs are great, having not yet reviewed them, we can say that they've got the specs and the pedigree to be well worth a look, particularly at these Black Friday prices.

If you like the look of the QN90A but fancy it in a different size, you'll see the latest, lowest Black Friday prices for all versions below.


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