Biggest Christmas tech spenders in the UK revealed

Christmas tech

It seems that those of you who live in the north of the UK are set to be the biggest spenders on technology this Christmas, with Edinburgh and Newcastle topping a poll conducted by Carphone Warehouse's Geek Squad.

While the average spend by Britons on technology gifts will be around £87 per person, shoppers in Edinburgh and Newcastle are expected to spend approximately £125 each.

Southampton is the lowest tech spend spot, with locals planning to spend an average of £47, 45% below the national average.

The Top 10 tech spenders by region are:

1) Edinburgh (£126.60)

2) Newcastle (£124.80)

3) Liverpool (£110.30)

4) Birmingham (£108.50)

5) Leeds (£98.90)

6) Sheffield (£96.90)

7) Bristol (£95.10)

8. Cardiff (£88.90)

9) London (£83.50)

10) Manchester (£81.30)

While the bottom five technology spenders in the survey are:

1) Southampton (£47.30)

2) Belfast (£52.30)

3) Nottingham (£57.10)

4) Plymouth (£59.80)

5) Glasgow (£74.70)

While gadgets feature high up on most Christmas wishlists this year, the nationwide survey also found that presents like games consoles and tablets are a big cause of strees on Christmas Day.

Apparently more than a quarter of us have our Christmas Day spoiled by the frustration of coping with complicated instruction manuals, and one in five loses their temper due to a lack of batteries to get gadgets working.

Women are more likely than men to ask for help, with almost a third of men surveyed (28%) admitting they were unwilling to seek assistance with Christmas gadgets.

However, help is at hand as the Geek Squad will be running a special Christmas SAS (Santa's After-Sales Service) helpline 24 hours a day throughout Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day on 08000 493 042 (charges may apply).

Our advice? Just chill out, enjoy the festivities and watch a good film on the telly.

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