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A round-up of the week's highlights, including a review of a Sony 4K TV and B&O Beolab 50 speakers

This week, Linn has updated its Akurate range of hi-fi separates to include its Katalyst technology. The BBC has suggested that a full digital switchover is still some way off and MQA confirmed it has streamed a live music performance in real time using its technology.

For reviews, we have Sony's midrange KD-65XF9005 4K TV, B&O's Beolab 50 speakers and Pro-Ject's Phono Box USB V phono amp.


Linn updates Akurate range with Katalyst DAC technology

Linn's Akurate range is now available with the company's Katalyst DAC conversion architecture.

It's already available in Linn's Klimax range and its Akubarik and Akudorik speakers. Linn claims that the fourth generation Katalyst can lower distortion and offer greater accuracy in the DAC process.

Owners of existing Akurate products can also upgrade their products with Katalyst for an extra cost.

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BBC to keep FM radio for 'foreseeable future'

The BBC's director of radio and music, Bob Sheenan, has stated a complete switchover to digital would be 'premature'.

Sheenan said he felt audiences were best served by both FM and DAB radio, especially with road vehicles lacking DAB radios and unreliable coverage in some areas.

A full switchover would be considered once digital made up 50 per cent of radio figures and 90 per cent of the population was covered, he said.

With the digital listenership close to that figure, switchover plans are set to be reviewed this spring.

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MQA Live promises 'original quality' real-time concert streams

MQA has launched 'Live', which allows users to stream live music performances in real time.

The intention is to create a virtual gig experience, allowing people to listen to their favourite bands in their original quality.

A test was recently conducted, but there's no word yet as when it will be available to the public.

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Sony KD-65XF9005

This midrange TV marks a confident start to 2018 from Sony.

It's capable of great detail in the brightest and darkest picture elements, with a punchy image and natural colours.

It has a few flaws, but delivers a cracking image, going well beyond what we expected from a midrange effort.

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B&O BeoLab 50

B&O's Beolab 50s come packed with technology, showcasing plenty of substance to go with its style.

Weighing 61kg and standing 104cm tall, they show composure at high volumes, deep bass and a good sense of cohesion.

They're not without a few issues though, lacking a degree of transparency, subtlety and rhythmic precision.

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Pro-Ject Phono Box USB V

The Phono Box USB V is another talented vinyl product from Pro-Ject.

It offers decent detail and dynamics, allowing for substantial bass and a sweet midrange for a sound that's warm and full-bodied.

Those looking for a snappier, livelier performance can find one for less money, otherwise this is well worth an audition.

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