A round-up of all the main highlights, including the real cost of 4K TVs, a review of Devialet's Gold Phantom speaker and a look at a B&W in-car sound system

This week, British Gas blamed rising electricity bills on 4K TVs, rumours emerged about LG's first 4K Blu-ray player and The Grand Tour became the most pirated TV show in history.

On the reviews front, we looked at Devialet's Gold Phantom wireless speaker, Yamaha's CRX-N470D micro-system and Denon's budget AVR-X1300W AV amp.

The January 2017 issue of What Hi-Fi? is out now. Inside you'll find reviews of budget projectors, a feature on how to build a hi-fi system and the latest news and opinions from the world of hi-fi and home cinema.

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British Gas blames 4K TVs for higher electricity bills

British Gas has predicted that energy bills will rise thanks to 4K TVs.

The format is currently gaining in popularity, but analysts claim that 4K TVs use up to a third more energy than their HD counterparts.

If you have one, it might be wise to check how energy efficient it is - it may be costing you more than you think.

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LG UP970 4K Blu-ray player tipped for CES 2017 launch

CES 2017 - the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas - is just round the corner, and rumours suggest we may see LG's first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player there.

The listing was spotted on the database of the Wi-Fi Alliance organisation and could be called 'LG UP970'.

We'll be reporting live from CES and will let you know if we spot it.

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The Grand Tour is the most pirated TV programme in history

The Grand Tour, Amazon's exclusive TV show and successor to Top Gear, has become the most illegally downloaded TV programme in history.

After the first three episodes, the series had been pirated a staggering total of 18.9m times.

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"It’s not perfect. But then very little in the world of consumer electronics is"

Devialet Gold Phantom

Devialet's Phantom speaker series is undeniably attractive and the Gold Phantom is no let down in that respect.

Looking like a prop from Kubrick's 2001, little has changed in terms of build. However, it has a few improvements under the hood.

The sound is impressive, though it could use greater separation in terms of its delivery.

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"The CRX-N470D is a particularly adept performer with a plethora of features"

Yamaha CRX-N470D

Yamaha's new micro-system features MusicCast and it works like a treat.

MusicCast expands the micro-system's horizons, but it's not quite as adept as its rivals when it comes to sound.

While it offers detailed, musical performance, in terms of dynamics and organisation there are better out there.

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"If the budget simply won’t budge you could do a lot worse than this well-rounded AV amplifier"

Denon AVR-X1300W

The X1300W's bigger sibling the X2300W was a recent Award-winner. With so many similarities between the two models, could it be as good?

Alas, it's not. Though the features are similar, the X1300W can't quite plug the gap in performance. It has Dolby Atmos and a big, weighty, articulate sound, but lacks the power, authority and scale of the X2300W.

However, it is cheaper - so if you're on a tight budget you could certainly do worse than this talented effort.

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