Best Sony Cyber Monday deals 2022: OLED TVs, wireless headphones, soundbars and more

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If there's one tech brand that's serving up more than its fair share of Cyber Monday deals in 2022, it's Sony. The fact the Japanese tech giant makes some of the best consumer electronics on the planet means that at this time of year when deals are in full flow, you're pretty much guaranteed to find some big savings on some of the brand's best kit.

In the world of What Hi-Fi? this means serious money off five-star Sony TVs, wireless headphones, plus soundbars and hi-fi kit. We've even got deals on past and current What Hi-Fi? Award-winners which make some of the savings that little bit more special and harder to ignore. We've highlighted our favourite savings in the long(ish) list of products below. And, the fact we've tested the vast majority of them means you can be sure these are bona fide recommendations based on the experience of our team of dedicated reviewers. All you need to decide is does the price fit your budget.

So, sit back, and scroll through all the best Sony tech deals on offer during Black Friday 2022...

Sony WH-1000XM5 was

Sony WH-1000XM5 was £380 now £290 at Amazon
The best pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones you can buy at this price. The Sony XM5 headphones might feel a little less premium than the XM4 (below), but the jump in sound quality from the previous generation is a big one and worth the extra cost. Five stars (you can read our review here)

Sony WH-1000XM4: was

Sony WH-1000XM4: was £330 now £219 at Amazon
Sony’s last-gen over-ears aren't quite up to the sonic standards of the newer XM5 but they're still a mighty fine option, especially at this price. Battery life, build, comfort and usability are all great for the money (you can read our review here). Five stars 

Sony WF-1000XM4 was

Sony WF-1000XM4 was £250 now £159 at Amazon
Put simply, these Sony wireless ANC earbuds are a great package – fantastic all-rounders that look great, sound great, and do everything you could ask of them. Battery life is eight hours per charge, they're nice to use and their noise-cancelling is among the best in the business (you can read our review here). Five stars

Sony WF-C500 was

Sony WF-C500 was £59 now £49 at Amazon
Not the biggest of discounts, but these wireless earbuds weren't exactly pricey to start with. Fitness fans and casual users alike will find a lot to like with these capable no-frills earbuds, especially for under £50 (read our review here).

Sony WH-CH710N was

Sony WH-CH710N was £130 now £69 at Amazon
Can't afford the premium Sony XM4 or XM5 over-ears? We haven't tested the WH-CH710N, but they promise an upgrade over their predecessors, which we liked for their detailed, musical performance and great battery life.

Sony XR-42A90K 2022 OLED TV  was

Sony XR-42A90K 2022 OLED TV was £1899 now £1195 at Sevenoaks
Sony's first 42-inch OLED is a high-end treat, particularly if picture authenticity is your priority. It sounds great by TV standards, too. LG's 42-inch C2 is still overall the better buy, given its much lower price, but there are many who will feel it's worth spending the extra on this Sony.

Sony XR-55A95K 2022 QD-OLED TV  was

Sony XR-55A95K 2022 QD-OLED TV was £2699 now £2095 at Box
Sony's new QD-OLED TV is priced as you'd expect a premium, next-gen television to be. It's an undeniably expensive proposition, even with this discount, but if money's no object, this is the best TV you can currently buy. You'll be blown away by the picture quality (you can read our review here).

Sony XR-55A80J 2021 OLED TV was

Sony XR-55A80J 2021 OLED TV was £1899 now £998 at Amazon
Sony's awesome A80J OLED TV launched at £1899, was down to £1699 when we reviewed it (and gave it 5 stars) and can now be bought for much less than that. An absolutely brilliant TV that delivers stunning picture quality across the board (you can read our review here).

Sony PS-LX310BT Bluetooth was

Sony PS-LX310BT Bluetooth was £279 now £229 at Richer Sounds
Here, Sony has generously given us a ‘plug and play’ fully automatic record player, which also includes a phono stage. Thrown in Bluetooth for good measure and you've got a brilliant deck at a great price (you can read our review here). Five stars

Sony HT-A5000 Dolby Atmos Soundbar was

Sony HT-A5000 Dolby Atmos Soundbar was £899 now £699 at Sevenoaks
The HT-A5000 is Sony's mid-range bar, sitting between the A3000 and A7000. It offers a 5.1.2 speaker arrangement with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, as well as HDMI passthrough with 4K@120Hz, 8K and Dolby Vision support.
Also available at Amazon

Sony HT-A7000 was

Sony HT-A7000 was £1299 now £1099 at Richer Sounds
This five-star, Award-winning soundbar delivers amazing Atmos and a bountiful feature set that culminates in a truly impressive soundbar. Equally as impressive is this saving which, strips £200 from the usual asking price (you can read our review here).

Sony UBP-X700 4K Blu-ray player was

Sony UBP-X700 4K Blu-ray player was £249 now £219 at
This Award-winning deck boasts a solid suite of features including Dolby Vision HDR, while the picture quality is superb. It's a great 4K player with very few rivals at the money (you can read our review here).

Sony VPL-VW590ES native 4K projector was

Sony VPL-VW590ES native 4K projector was £6999 now £4999 at Amazon
This five-star native 4K projector was an absolute steal last year. With fantastic 4K detail, an exciting and vivid picture, and top-notch motion processing, you'll melt into a world of cinematic bliss.


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