We can't move for headphones these days. All shapes, multiple sizes, numerous configurations and prices of every kind are available. We've hunted down the very best deals around to make sure your next pair of AKG, Bose, B&W, Sennheiser, Sony or what-have-you don't cost a bean more than they have to.

Whether you want to replace a broken pair, upgrade your existing buds or simply fancy a change of style, it would be cavalier not to take a look at some of the best headphone deals around. 

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In-ear headphone deals

Shure SE846

Tested at £950 / Now £569.99 at eGlobal Central - saving over £380

The SE846s are some of the best in-ear headphones money can buy, and this discount makes them slightly more affordable.


B&O Play H3

Original Price £200 / Now £87.20 at eBay - saving over £110

Also carrying a big discount are these stylish and easy to listen to, noise-cancelling in-ears from B&O. 


JBL Reflect Aware

Tested at £170 / Now £101.98 at Amazon - saving over £65

These capable in-ears are a good shout for runners and are now available with over £60 off.


Sony MDR-EX650AP

Tested at £60 / Now £40.99 at eBay - saving £19

These Award-winning in-ear headphones are one of the most popular products on the What Hi-Fi? website. They deliver superb sound for an affordable price, and are comfortable too. 


Sol Republic Relays Sport review

Tested at £40 / Now £19.89 at Amazon - saving £20

The budget sporty headphones are now half price and well worth a shout.


On-ear headphone deals

Beyerdynamic T51i review

Tested at £245 / Now £190 at Amazon and eBay - saving over £50

Some of the best on-ear headphones we’ve heard. The T51is serve up oodles of detail, and rightly won an Award in 2014.


AKG Y50 review 

Tested at £80 / Now £49.99 at Currys PC World - saving £30

Product of the Year, Awards 2016. Excelling in sound and style, the Y50s are sensational portable headphones. 


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Over-ear headphone deals

Sennheiser Urbanite XL

Tested at £200 / Now £118.77 at Currys PC World - saving over £80

Generous helpings of bass and a clear, open sound are what you’ll get from these solidly built Sennheisers.


Philips Fidelio X2

Tested at £230 / Now £175 at CoolShop - saving £55

If you’re after a pair of headphones you could wear for days, as well as precise, detailed sound, the X2s deserve a listen.



Tested at £150 / Now £114 at Amazon - saving over £35

These over-ears offer stellar sound and now come with a sizeable discount.


Grado SR325e

Tested at £280 / Now £248 at Amazon 8 - saving over £30

Award-winning headphones that are hard to beat for under £400, and are now available for £248.


Noise-cancelling headphone deals


Tested at £230 / Now £134 at eBay - saving over £95

The best noise-cancelling headphones for under £250, the N60 NCs sound absolutely stunning - and they drown out external noise to great effect.


B&O BeoPlay H8

Tested at £380 / Now £309.99 at Amazon - saving over £70

Style meets great features and good sound in B&O’s flagship on-ears



Tested at £250 / Now £189 at AMP3 - saving over £60

The M4U 2 noise-cancelling headphones do a fine job of blocking out external noise, and have decent sound quality to boot.


Bose QuietComfort 25

Tested at £270 / Now £209 (Android version) at Peter Tyson - saving over £60

Bose makes some of the best noise-cancelling headphones around. These QC 25s block out most external noise, and deliver impressive sound quality too.


Philips SHB8750NC

Original price £90 / Now £49.99 at Argos - saving £40

Not to be confused with the five-star SHB8850NC, but these wireless noise-cancelling headphones are still quite a bargain.


Bluetooth headphone deals

B&W P5 Wireless

Tested at £330 / Now £229 at various retailers - saving over £100

One listen and it's obvious why these won an Award.


Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear

Tested at £220/ Now £199.99 at Amazon - saving over £20

Libratone's first on-ear headphones might not be the best around, but they're not half bad, especially with this discount.


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whatifwindows's picture

If you need an in-ear

If you need an in-ear headphone, then grab Panasonic RPHJE120. I own it and it's the cheapest in-ear headphone with awesome sound quality.

surya kumar's picture

Sennheiser and the skullcandy

Sennheiser and the skullcandy also availble in the least with best quality.

Steven Wilcox's picture

Audeze bargains

£400 for a pair of new Audeze LCD2s.  I doubt you'll find a better buy than that!