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Highest ever number of iPlayer downloads on Virgin Media and Sony PS3 during December 2010; Top Gear still most popular show

The records just keep tumbling for the BBC's increasingly popular iPlayer web TV service.

In total, BBC iPlayer received 145 million requests for TV and radio programmes during December 2010. TV programmes alone were at an all-time high at 89.7 million requests. 

In addition, Virgin Media received a record-breaking 23.9m requests for BBC iPlayer downloads during December.

And requests from programmes via the iPlayer on Sony's PS3 reached seven million, a 31 per cent increase month-on-month.

The Top 10 most popular programmes requested were:

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1) Top Gear USA road trip: 1,294,000

2) Top Gear Middle East special: 1,260,000

3) The Apprentice, Series 6, episode 12: 892,000

4) The Apprentice, Series 6, episode 9: 849,000

5) Come Fly With Me, Episode 1: 783,000

6)  The Apprentice, Series 6, episode 10: 718,000

7) The Apprentice, Series 6, episode 11: 718,000

8) Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol: 716,000

9) The Apprentice, Series 6, episode 14: 624,000

10) EastEnders (Christmas Day): 610,000

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