The Basslet is a 'subwoofer' you wear on your wrist

Lofelt, the company behind the Basslet, says that sound should be felt, not just heard. It’s that thought that spawned the Basslet, which lets you feel drum beats and baselines through your body using proprietary technology.

Inside the Basslet is Lofelt’s patent pending LoSound engine which claims to “effortlessly recreate bass frequencies down to 10Hz”. Its built-in haptic engine promises to relay accurately all bass frequencies from whatever you're listening to.

Because it just uses vibrations instead of creating actual sounds, it’s silent to the outside world, so you can wear it in public without passers-by thinking you're a walking nightclub.

In order to use the Basslet you need to plug a transmitter into any audio device with a 3.5mm auxiliary port, then you simply plug your headphones into the transmitter. The transmitter doubles up as a charger for the Basslet and a one hour charge is said to be good for six hour of playback time.

It’s been designed to look and feel like a wristwatch and Lofelt says you can change the supplied strap with any other 24mm strap.

The Basslet is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter where it’s already surpassed its initial €50,000 goal, raising more than €370,000. It’s due to ship from December and you can pre-order one from €139 (£120).

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