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Bang & Olufsen's Beosound Emerge is a wireless speaker that looks like a book

The B&O Beosound Emerge is a wireless speaker that looks like a book
(Image credit: B&O)

This is Bang & Olufsen's latest wireless speaker. The B&O Beosound Emerge is wedge-shaped, making it resemble a slightly open book. Or a doorstop, if you were being uncharitable.

Here's a video showing it in more detail.

Like the firm's 2020-released Beosound Balance, the Emerge was created in collaboration with Benjamin Hubert from London-based design agency Layer. Its similarity to a book was intended; it's meant to sit alongside books and other objects in the home, blending into the living space rather than standing out as a piece of hi-fi kit.

The side panels wrap around the speaker like a book's cover sleeve, while the front of the speaker features the B&O logo where the author's name would be. Very literary indeed.

It also continue's the company's current trend for longevity. Its modular design means you can swap out parts if they wear out or need to be upgraded. As with the Beosound Level, you'll find the replaceable connectivity module inside. This has been front-loaded with enough processing power and connectivity technology to receive new performance updates and features for years to come. And should the connectivity and streaming technology ever become outdated, you can swap out the module for one with the latest technology updates. In other words, it's future-proofed up the wazoo.

Inside is a 4in woofer driver, 1.45in mid-range driver and 0.6in tweeter, which B&O says can cover a frequency range of 45Hz – 22,000Hz. Google Assistant is onboard for voice control, while Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast headline its wireless, multi-room streaming spoils. There's Bluetooth onboard too.

The Beosound Emerge is available now in select European markets, and globally from the autumn. It comes in gold tone or black anthracite finishes, with the former costing £669 ($899, AU$979) and the latter priced at £539 ($699, AU$979).


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