ATC to launch wall-mounted versions of its classic loudspeakers

If you like ATC's speakers but are short of space, then you're in luck. The company has remodelled three of its models into wall-hung units.

The speakers in question are the SCM7, SCM40 and the Award-winning SCM11. The latter two received five-star reviews when we tested them.

These speakers comprise ATC's first range of high-performance on-wall speakers for the custom residential market. They come in three sizes, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on your set-up.

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The HTS7, HTS11 and HTS40 are configured vertically, while the HTS7C, HTS11C and HTS40C are their horizontal counterparts. They all feature the proprietary ATC drive-unit technology as used in their classic brethren, with SH25-76 dual-suspension tweeters and constrained-layer damping. The HTS11 also features mid/bass drivers, and the HTS40 boasts ATC's 75mm soft-dome midrange and 164mm short-coil/long-gap bass drivers.

ATC has revised its crossover designs to suit the wall-mounted situation.

The HTS7/HTS7C is the smallest of the range, ideal for small- to medium-sized rooms. The step up is the HTS11/HTS11C, while the HTS40/HTS40C is the biggest of the bunch. All six can also be used as surround-sound speakers.

The HTS7 models cost £475, the HTS11 £685 and the HTS40 £1950. All will be available in July.

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