The deal was announced in an email to Arcam customers. The partnership promises to "accelerate exciting innovations that will benefit our brands".

Arcam, one of the best-known brands in British hi-fi, has been acquired by Harman International Industries.

Harman is a division of a Samsung, following an $8 billion deal last year, and the owner of audio brands including AKG, JBL, Lexicon and Mark Levinson. In November 2012, Arcam had become a wholly owned subsidiary of JAM industries, based in Montreal.

The news was revealed in an email to Arcam customers from Scott Campbell, director of sales and marketing at Arcam.

"Arcam and Harman share a like-minded passion for bringing the highest quality sound into people's lives," the email reads.

"Harman recognises the value and potential of Arcam’s people, technologies, and brands, and we expect the combination will deliver growth opportunities and benefits to our customers. We believe this is an unprecedented opportunity to grow Arcam’s engineering capabilities and extend its product reach into new markets."

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The existing management team in Cambridge, England - where Arcam, originally A&R Cambridge, was founded - will remain, as will sales and distribution channels in the US. 

Arcam managing director Charlie Brennan adds: "Becoming part of Harman will give us access to technology and resources that should give us the means to develop better products in the future.

"I don't envisage any sudden moves - it's business as usual for all of the Arcam team. I believe we can make a big difference to the high-performance brands that Harman has owned for years and will continue my quest to save the world from bad sound with a bigger and stronger company behind us."

Let's hope the Arcam hi-fi and home cinema products benefit from the partnership.

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wilsonlaidlaw's picture

Today Arcam; tomorrow the world

It will soon be quicker to write a list of audio companies that Harman does not own than the ones it already does. I am not always convinced that the acquisitions lead to any benefit to the buying public. It is inevitable that some rationalistion of Arcam's range will occur, so as to minimise internal competition between Harman brands. Mind you I have never been a fan of the "Arcam sound" or their appearance, so it might be better under Harman. I would not be surprised if the venture capital company that owns Krell would be happy to sell out to Harman at the right price. Now that I would not be happy about. 

magicrabbit's picture

Good news

I like the ARCAM sound and also AKG.

This acquisition of Arcam by Samsung is great news.

At least ARCAM will now cease to be slavishly and stupidly Apple-focused (thus ignoring the majority of the market, i.e. the Android customers)