iPhone users have reported that the Lightning headphone controls become inactive after a few minutes, preventing them from changing the volume, activating Siri or answering calls.

iPhone 7 users have discovered a glitch which affects Apple's new Lightning in-ear headphones. After a few minutes of use, the volume control dongle on the cable stops working, resulting in users being unable to adjust the volume, answer calls or use Apple's personal assistant Siri.

However, the problem can be temporarily fixed by simply unplugging the headphones and plugging them in again. At the time of writing, it is not known whether the issue also arises with third-party headphones (and there are a few alternatives available).

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The Lightning connector can be used to transfer data across components and is partially controlled by the software, so the issue could be with the iOS rather than the headphones themselves.

According to Business Insider, a fix has been promised in a future software update.

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Not something users could

Not something users could have picked up on the iOS Beta Test Program, seeing myself and fellow testers weren't given lightning earpods to try. But someone at Apple should have noticed.

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In-Line remote issues

I have the 3.5mm jack ear buds that came with my 5c. I use the Onkyo musice app for the versatility of the equalizer. However, since IOS updatethe pause button command does not act like it used to... it now annoyingly skips the track eg I pause it so click once... re-click after say 30 seconds (not immediately like the double click to skip action) and it skips to next track. I haven't noticed the volume myself with my normal 3.5mm jack headphones but i think it may have the same issue thinking back.

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Apple new of the fault but

Apple new of the fault but did not deem it a big enough issue to delay release. Money before customer.