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Owners of the original Apple TV may want to consider an upgrade…

Apple is to introduce security changes that will prevent earlier models of its Apple TV from accessing the iTunes Store. The upgrade will also affect Windows XP and Vista PCs.

From 25th Mayowners will no longer be able to make new purchases from the iTunes Store or re-download previous purchases. Those with secondthirdfourth (pictured top) and fifth generation Apple TVs will receive the update.

Apple officially branded the first-gen TV 'obsolete' a few years ago, but this could be the final nail in the coffin for the legacy streamer.


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Apple TV Gen 1

They have sneakily trashed this box a few times in the past before reinstating it. That equated to Apple breaking into your premises via the internet and destroying your property. So this time they intend to openly do it with the excuse of labelling ATV1 obsolete so they can sentence it to death remotely on 25th May. Thank goodness my 20 year old hi-fi is not connected to the internet otherwise the manufacturers may try and trash that to make me buy new.

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I agree with this guy 

I agree with this guy yes

I certainly won’t be replacing my Apple TV with another as I know Apple will just do the same thing again in another few years.

Lots if good competition to chose from.