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If you're having trouble buying music on iTunes, you're not alone - Apple has today been suffering from a prolonged outage affecting the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks and Mac App Store.

The downtime began at around 9am UK time on Wednesday, and has continued to affect various Apple services, including the iTunes Store and the App Store. 

This of course means buying music and downloading apps isn't currently possible, nor is accessing the iBooks Store. The Mac App Store is also down.

The iTunes Store brought $2.6 billion in sales in the last quarter of 2014, bringing in around $1.17m in sales an hour. That makes an 8-hour and counting outage very costly indeed. 

Temporary outages aren't entirely abnormal but a prolonged period offline for Apple's stores is much rarer.

Rare enough for Apple to (finally) update its system status page confirming the problem, which happened at around 2.07pm, according to The Next Web.

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So if you're having issues with the aforementioned Apple services, fear not - you're not alone.

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AlbaBrown's picture

A real pain, but shouldn't be for audio/videophiles

This sort of thing is inevitable nowadays but, purely from audio/videophile perspective, surely this is another reason why downloading/ripping lossless music/films and storing them locally has so many benefits in terms of both quality and security compared to the convenience of streamed (and massively compressed) material. 

Plus having just read the whole thing surrounding Tidal, I would feel even less inclinded to be soley reliant on such services to provide my music/movie material. If things go pear-shaped (or prices are unfairly increased) you have absolutely no control at all!