NEOD mirror TV
If you want to hide your TV and make it look like a mirror on the wall, Italian firm NEOD has just the thing – but it'll cost you

Need a TV that looks like a mirror when it's switched off? Then check out the latest models from Italian specialist NEOD (New Era of Device, apparently), now available from Impact Screen Solutions in the UK.

They're available in 32in, 37in, 42in, 47in and 52in screen sizes and all use Loewe Full HD LCD panels with 100Hz picture processing.

There are nine frame designs to choose from, including black and red crocodile skin, white or black gloss lacquer, silver or gold – and even a Swarovski crystal finish. Custom frames can be made to order at extra cost.

Apparently it's just the thing for your "office, yacht or jet".

Clearly you'll need a hefty bank balance to afford one. Prices start at £4850 for the NEOF32 and rising to an eye-watering £10,895 for the NEOF52.

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If you plump for the Swarovski finish, that'll set you back another £1160. We suggest you start saving now.

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