Whether it's down to a blockbuster action scene or just a fantastic soundtrack, these discs will put your system through its paces.

When you really want to see what your system is capable of, you should reach for one of these Blu-rays. We've got blockbuster action films, musical biographies and more to really test your home-cinema set-up.

Some of them are available in 4K too, if you want to really show off the latest hi-tech gizmos. Let the festive viewing commence!

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Jason Bourne

Old Jason (Matt Damon) might be a bit long in the tooth nowadays, but the action is as frantic as ever. Bourne is back out of hiding, and ready to find out more murky secrets from his past. Director Paul Greengrass is back for the ride too, with Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander co-starring. Better warn the neighbours if you're planning on turning up the volume.

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The teaming up of Roald Dahl and Steven Spielberg is a match made in cinematic heaven. Technically, The BFG is a marvel, thanks to a mixture of live-action and motion capture, and the task of highlighting every facial twitch will really put your telly to the test. It's a joy hearing Dahl's language, too - like "Whizzpoppers" coming through your speakers.

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Star Trek Beyond

The latest Star Trek film may not be the best in the franchise (that honour goes to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), but it's an entertaining watch all the same. Kirk and Spock are having doubts about their roles when Krall (an unrecognisable Idris Elba) destroys the Enterprise. This prompts the crew to reunite along with new ally Jaylah (played by Sofia Boutella) to stop Krall from destroying the Federation. The space battles are suitably epic, and just wait for the moment when Sabotage by The Beastie Boys kicks in.

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Miles Ahead

The opening section of this Miles Davis biopic features the sound of a trumpet interspersed with car chases and gunfire, which is sure to test even the mightiest of speaker set-ups. The action is well shot, and Don Cheadle is fantastic throughout, but really the music is the star of the show.

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Mad Max Fury Road

This film is loud. Like shatter-the-window loud. The gunfire, the explosions, the endless car chases, it all adds up to a treat for the eardrums - providing your system is up to it, of course. The soundtrack is all angry drums and pulsating electronic beats, but then there's Tom Hardy's dialogue. If your system can make that intelligible, it should go to the top of the class.

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If you didn't see this sci-fi spectacle in the cinema, watching at home is the next best thing. George Clooney stars as the seasoned astronaut on his last mission to space, who's joined by Sandra Bullock as space rookie Dr. Ryan Stone. When debris damages the shuttle, the two are thrown into deep space with low oxygen supplies and no way of contacting Earth. The action scenes will push your system to the limit.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

JJ Abrams' rebooting of the sci-fi saga might be a little too similar to Episode IV for some fans, but, if you can accept that, it's an absolute blast. Dogfights in space? Check. Well-choreographed lightsaber duals? Check. Massive space station designed with one key weakness that means it can be destroyed with a well-aimed proton torpedo? Check. The classic opening will test your telly's contrast ratios, while the fast-paced dogfights will show up any motion blur.

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Life of Pi

The book on which this is based was considered unfilmable, but Ang Lee pulled it off, winning four Oscars in the process. The story concerns a young man who survives a disaster at sea, who is then hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery, and who befriends a fearsome Bengal tiger. The cinematography is masterful, as is the CGI used to render the tiger.

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More space-based hi-jinks, this time starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine. It's the near future, and Earth's resources have been depleted. When a wormhole is discovered that can transport users through time and space, a widowed engineer (McConaughey) must decide whether to stay with his kids or take the wormhole and explore if there is a future for human civilisation after all. It won an Oscar for its visual effects, so should put your TV through its paces.

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