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2nd hand B&W 5.1 setup

 my 5.1 set-up


Set-up in an appartment main living room (appr 5x4 m)

A/V receiver (new): Denon AVR-1910

Front R/L speakers: B&W 601's  (1st serie)  (bi-amped)

Surrounds R/L: B&W LM1 silver & on stands (2nd hand bargain)

Front: B&W HTM7, bi-wired (2nd hand bargain, only paid 200€ for it 3 years old)

Subwoofer: BK Gemini II (because of the good review on the website)

StraightWire Musicable for all front speakers and Inakustik Premium
Speaker Cable Silver (5m each, but not long enough Sad )

TV: Samsung LE32B650

DVD player: Panasonic DMR-EH57, but want to switch to Blu-Ray (probably Sony BD360 or PS3 Slim)

HDMI cables  Inakustik Premium


Should I go for 7.1 with Solid Sound HCM2 as back speakers ??



my dad old Sony hifi with B&W DM17

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Re: 2nd hand B&W 5.1 setup

Wow alot of speakers in there. How does it sound? Where did you get all the cable? Have you compared them to any others?

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Re: 2nd hand B&W 5.1 setup

I think you could get away with a bigger TV in there!

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Re: 2nd hand B&W 5.1 setup

Currently I have a Samsung 32" B650, which is good enough for me now, a 37" would be great for watching DVD's - Blurays but hey, my dream is to put up a beamer for watching movies... Cool

I'm still messing with my Denon AVR19-10 to get the sound right. I've tried the automatic calibration which sounded pretty good, but I'm now manually adjusting it. I haven't quite worked it out yet.

I haven't tried any other cables, I've bought them along with my Denon.

Future work: 

- nice TV furniture stand
- and some DIY-speaker stands (welding some metal tubes and plates together on some spikes)

Today I compared my AV setup and my hifi seeing/listening to Nirvana's Live at Reading: DVD for AV setup and audio CD in my hifi CD player. Those old B&W DM17's still sounded better then the DM601's.

Thanks for your replies,


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