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Xbox One/Satellite Box/AV Receiver

I am awaiting the delivery of my Xbox One later today. The functions that allow the Kinect to control your set top box sound quite interesting, but I was wondering whether this set up would result in a loss of sound quality from my overall set up.

At present I have the Sky box, Blu Ray player, and X360 all running through my AV amp to the TV in the conventional way via HDMI (with Kef T Series speaker package) and it works just great.

However, if I was to change the set up so that the Sky box is plugged into the Xbox One, then the Xbox to the AV receiver, would this result in a loss in sound quality? Would the Xbox just act as a pass through?

Thoughts and advice welcomed!

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RE: Xbox One/Satellite Box/AV Receiver

Hi thfc100. We're just in the process of putting our Xbox One through its paces. My gut feeling would be to keep your xbox and sky box separate for now as kinect doesn't really offer the functionality you need just yet. Yes you can turn the sky box on and off but other than that there's no real integration between the two, but that could change in the future. You still need to use your sky control to change channel and the xbox needs to be on to pass through picture. Hopefully following future Xbox updates you'll really be able to use the two together and realise their full potential. We'll report back with our findings soon!

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RE: Xbox One/Satellite Box/AV Receiver

The Xbone will strip out the surround sound so its not really a good idea. The tv picture will also stutter unless you force the Xbone to output at 50hz.

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