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Which TV SAMSUNG UE48HU7500 or SONY KD49X8505BBU

Torn between these 2 - look the same but worried about the 200 Hz of the Sony compared to 1000 Hz of the Samsung? Would this be an issue when watching football??

SAMSUNG UE48HU7500 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 48" LED TV
SONY BRAVIA KD49X8505BBU 49" Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD LED TV

Any advice?

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I personally prefered the

I personally prefered the  picture of the samsung (i have the bigger brother of your the 8500 series but pretty much the same screen) but i also really liked the features of the sony. The network features of the sony are of the same caliber as the PS4 in regards to the movie renting and so on.

But for me the picture was that much better on the samsung. The picture was very stable and had/has very deep blacks where sony campard to it didnt. Plus the skin tones and like where more relistic as well but punchy at the same time.

But you do you have to ask yourself do you want  4k tv or just 1080p tv there are some stellar 1080p tv's that will handle sports much better (if thats all you want it for) and some will argue that you will get no benfits from 4k at a tv that size ( i think differenly but  that is another debate). But ill also argue that people where saying these things about 1080p tv's when they frist came out.

Personally i like to by once!!! it's enevtable that 4k will hit the shore's soon in many different forms be it digital or physical and ill be there waiting for it and wont have to ugrade again for a long time. And you will able to say the same if you take the plunge.

What ever tv you choose you want go fare wrong they are both build really well and both have great picture just one is better 

Also on the down side i am having some problems with samsung and  netflix at the moment though. But funnily enough netflix are giving me a call about that soon to try resolve the probelm. Hopfully they can!! so fare play to them.


hope that helps best wishes

Naim uniti 2, Revel m106, pioneer bdp 320

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Yes, I would go for the

Yes, I would go for the Samsung. They have the most even backlight amongst all LED TVs, besides better motion and deeper blacks.

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thanks for the detailed

thanks for the detailed feedback folks - Samsung it is...

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