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Samsung 46inch - Help Please


Hi all

Having just moved house I've now got permission, to purchase a new main TV the question is which one?

Initially I was considering a 40/42inch but included the new LED 46 inch samsungs because of the small frame they're not that much wider.

I discounted Panasonic, as much as I like the picture, to many friends and family have had ongoing reliability problems.

So that left me with (nothing to do with the fact I could get away with buying a 46inch screen Wink ) with the Samsung's -



I was all for the 7000 but having viewed them (all be it in a big store) I couldn't see much difference in the 2D picture (not that fussed with 3D, but like the smart TV aspect) looking at the spec again not much difference, apart from the freesat and the price.

So I went down to Richer sounds planning to view them side by side and was told (by an assistant who seemed to have very limited knowledge of what a TV was) that all Samsung TV's are the same PQ wise the only difference is the design - what rubbish - anyway I was also told that they had no 6530 as they were sold out, and it was an old model so they wouldn't get anymore, but there was a new model they were getting the UE46D6750 - I've looked and I can't find anything about this other than the specs which appear exactly the same as the 6530.

OK background finished - and thanks if you've carried on reading - my questions?

Has anyone come across the UE46D6750?

Has anyone lived with any of these screens, is there justification in the price differences?

If comparing these 3 screens which should I go for and why? (all views welcomed)

Thanks for all your help