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Shibata stylus

I'm using an audio technica AT2005 cartridge at the moment which is exactly the same as this-


I was looking to upgrade this cart until i came across this stylus from an american site-


Would this shibata styli give me a significant upgrade in sound or is changing the cart the better option?

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RE: Shibata

I would suggest a better cartridge, if you have the money.  The Shibata stylus upgrade fitted on your current cartridge may well extract more detail from the grooves.  The longer contact area may reduce wear too.  However, the greater 'penetration' in the groove  can be a mixed blessing if you have older or well-worn records (or maybe collect rarities).  If you mostly have specially cut or pressed 180g editions then you probably will appreciate the improvement.

The overall sound character will not change significantly, however, as you still have the same generator mechanism.  And it is quite a modest cartridge.  

Perhaps post the details of the rest of your system, and you may get some more replies.

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