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HI-FI SOUND - Stereo Test Record HFS75.

I have just bought this test record from that well known auction site to help set up my turn table and it has improved things significantly. I had originaly set the tracking weight to the middle of the manufactures recommended range and adjusted the bias to equal the weight but having then played the tracking tests on the test vinyl it was apparent that this configuration was clearly not giving the best results. In general terms I ended up increasing the tracking weight and have increased the bias above what I would have expected for the new weight. The test tracks really make it easy to set up the tracking as you listen to the interference fade in and out as weight and bias are adjusted. There are three different tracking tests with the third being the toughest as you fine tune things on the first 2. Then on side 2 there are tracking tests at the beginning, mid point and end of the record to check the tracking across the complete radius. I definitely recommend giving one a try.