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David@FrankHarvey wrote:

David@FrankHarvey wrote:

Hi-FiOutlaw wrote:
You know that pics are mandatory of that RP10, I think it's the first one in the forum...*wink*

I don't believe it is... Smile

Ok! Sorry, as I have never read that someone got one...Wink


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Of course guys, you will get

Of course guys, you will get lot of pics of the RP10, least I can do after so much help. RP10 TT is a overkill for sure, very expensive, but sometimes you need to give yourself, some pleasures in this (presumably) short life Ok , so after some months of saving i went crazy and ordered one.

His beautifull RB2000 Alluminium, hand made and polished Tonearm hooked me. I have read that the making time of one of these beauties is the same than dozens of RB303s (RP3 tonearm). If you want check this unpacking video from youtube:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQPfGvsWENQ Good

BTW David you got one? If that's the case, what do you think about it? Are you happy with the purchase?

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David@FrankHarvey wrote:

David@FrankHarvey wrote:

Freddy58 wrote:
<a href="mailto:David@FrankHarvey">David@FrankHarvey</a> wrote:
There are pretty big differences between the RP3 and RP6, and it's definitely worth the extra. Tell him to get the best one he can.

Hiya Dave. Could you please expand on this? At some stage, I will be looking to upgrade from my old Planar 3.

I just mean that there are very clear differences to be heard between the Rega decks. From a 1 to a 3, a 3 to a 6, and a 6 to an 8, the differences are pretty big, and have been justifiable for the majority who have heard these differences. I haven't had enough time with an RP10 myself yet to comment on the difference from an 8 to a 10. 

As surprisingly good as the old Planar 3 still is, you should find the RP3 to be quite a step up in quality (maybe even the 1, in some respects).

Thanks for that Dave. The upgrade I have in mind is to the 6.

I was considering a Pro-Ject, but got a bit put off when I saw one in the flesh on saturday. I didn't think the build quality was great. Just my opinion of course, and it was one of the cheaper ones (Debut Carbon?). Of course, I realise that they may well sound great, but still.



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