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soundcraft hi-fi ashford kent.Exelent!!

Iv purchased my current hi-fi from these guys and very happy thankyou soundcraft

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RE: soundcraft hi-fi ashford kent.Exelent!!


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RE: soundcraft hi-fi ashford kent.Exelent!!

woodster wrote:

?? Surely not reference to caps??? Sugest we all check our sigs.

Cheers  Smile

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RE: Don't trust soundcraft hi fi - unscrupulous

Bought a cyrus 6xp from them on ebay. Was listed as new but in fact was ex dem and used. Possibly no warranty and it was obvious the unit wasn't new - inputs changed, dull input plugs, also scratches on unit greater than described by them when I paid. Was told one small scratch but 3 long scratches seen. They explained the scratch were from removing the unit from the box only to show customers. My research has indicated they have sold similar cyrus items to others recently from ebay listings against limited final stock their website described them having at the start of April 2013, also as cyrus confirm they have not been an authorised retailer for some time so they would hold new stock.  Their web site also indicated that they were adveritising cyrus items as new but under a small web page heading, not easily recognisable, stating used and ex dem. I had no such indicator on ebay as I suspect many other recent cyrus buyers didnt have. Their MD explained my ebay listing was a single mistake, but not obviously the case with the other "new" sales on the website and other ebay sales of the old stock like mine, they were trying to shift, granted limited stock they had available. Told them they were listing similar "new" but used items on their website and they removed them from the site. Made worse for me when their assistant Paul later lied by saying he had explained the item was used at the time I phoned to pay by credit card. Not the case as the listing confirmed I was bidding on a new item and it was my intention to buy this obsolete unit as new when i bid and was then committed to buy by ebay policy. Avoid this company. Unscrupulous. Am taking matters up with ebay and trading standards and alerting other recent previous cyrus buyers via ebay. If they thought the items were new and they paid accordingly misdescription contrary to sale of goods 1979, and entitled to a refund. Cyrus can check the age of units from serial numbers and advise if warranties apply. In my case I don't think I can get a warranty so will have to return unit. soundcraft don't want to agree a very reasonable price for obsolete and used stock having the gall to say they will only offer a refund as they don't like me alleging they are unscrupulous, when I have all this evidence!

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RE: soundcraft hi-fi ashford kent.Exelent!!

Listening in their demo room (Linn/Naim set up) as a 18 year old, I shut my eye and it was like being in the room with live musicians. I was hooked! I just could not afford it.  I have since been back and bought a Pro-ject turntable after the death of my old Dual. I went in a few weeks ago with £1000 burning a hole in my pocket to buy an amp.  I would have really liked to have a demo of the Naim 5i or Arcam A19, but it did not happen. But to be fair, he did offer me the chance to have a home demo of the Naim over a weekend, if I gave them 24 hours notice. 

It's a shame I have had to spend the money on repairing the car.


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